In this section, you can find some examples of configuration files to set up your PostgreSQL Cluster.


These are here for demonstration and experimentation purposes, and can be executed on a personal Kubernetes cluster with Minikube or Kind as described in the "Quickstart".

Basic cluster
cluster-example.yaml a basic example of a cluster.
Custom cluster
cluster-example-custom.yaml a basic cluster that uses the default storage class and custom parameters for the postgresql.conf and pg_hba.conf files.
Customized storage class
cluster-storage-class.yaml: a basic cluster that uses a specified storage class of standard.
Customized storage class and backups
Prerequisites: bucket storage should be available. The sample config is for AWS, please change to suit your setup
cluster-storage-class-with-backup.yaml a cluster with backups configured
Prerequisites: cluster-storage-class-with-backup.yaml applied and Healthy
backup-example.yaml: an example of a backup that runs against the previous sample
Cluster with PVC (Persistent Volume Claim) configured
cluster-pvc-template.yaml: a basic cluster that with an explicit persistent volume claim template.
Full example
cluster-example-full.yaml: a cluster that sets most of the available options.
PostGIS example
postgis-example.yaml: an example of "PostGIS cluster" (see the PostGIS section for details.)
Replica cluster via streaming
Prerequisites: cluster-example.yaml applied and Healthy
cluster-example-replica-streaming.yaml: a replica cluster following cluster-example with streaming replication.
Simple cluster with backup configured
Prerequisites: The configuration assumes minio is running and working. Please update backup.barmanObjectStore with your minio parameters or your cloud solution
cluster-example-with-backup.yaml a basic cluster with backups configured.
Replica cluster via backup
Prerequisites: cluster-storage-class-with-backup.yaml applied and Healthy. And a backup cluster-example-trigger-backup.yaml applied and Completed.
cluster-example-replica-from-backup-simple.yaml: a replica cluster following a cluster with backup configured.
Bootstrap cluster with SQL files
cluster-example-initdb-sql-refs.yaml: a cluster example that will execute a set of queries defined in a Secret and a ConfigMap right after the database is created.
Sample cluster with customized pg_hba configuration
cluster-example-pg-hba.yaml: a basic cluster that enables user app to authenticate using certificates.
Sample cluster with Secret and Configmap mounted using projected volume template
cluster-example-projected-volume.yaml a basic cluster with existing Secret and Configmap mounted into Postgres pod using projected volume mount.

For a list of available options, please refer to the "API Reference" page.