Release notes for CloudNativePG 1.19

History of user-visible changes in the 1.19 minor release of CloudNativePG.

For a complete list of changes, please refer to the commits on the release branch in GitHub.

Version 1.19.2

Release date: April 27, 2023


  • Improve the --logs option of the report command of the cnpg plugin for kubectl to also include the previous logs where available (#1811)
  • The -any service is now disabled by default (#1755)


  • Enable customization of SeccompProfile through override via a local file (#1827)


  • Apply the PostgreSQL configuration provided by the user during the initdb bootstrap phase, before the server is started the first time (#1858)

Version 1.19.1

Release date: March 20, 2023


  • Allow overriding the default backup target policy (#1602): previously, all backups and scheduled backups would use the cluster-level target policy
  • Extend the debug cluster's log level to the initdb job (#1503)
  • Support IPv6 and custom pg_hba for the PgBouncer pooler (#1395)
  • Enhance observability of backups with two new metrics and additional information in the status (#1428)
  • Document API calls from the instance manager (#1641)
  • Clarify deployment name via Helm (#1505)
  • Add the psql command to the cnpg plugin for kubectl (#1668) allowing the user to start a psql session with a pod (the primary by default)

Technical enhancements:

  • Adopt Renovate for dependency tracking/updating (#1367, #1473)
  • Inject binaries for all supported architectures in the operator image (#1513)
  • Use the backup name to match resources in the backup object store (#1650) Leverages the --name option introduced with Barman 3.3 to make the association between backups and the object store more robust.


  • Prevent panic with error handling in the probes (#1716)
  • Ensure that the HTTP package and controller runtime logs are in JSON format (#1442)
  • Adds WAL storage to a cluster in a single instance Cluster (#1570)
  • Various improvements to make backup code more robust (#1536, #1564, #1588, #1466, #1647)
  • Properly show WAL archiving information with status command of the cnpg plugin (#1666)
  • Ensure nodeAffinity is applied even if AdditionalPodAffinity and AdditionalPodAntiAffinity are not set (#1663)
  • Introduce failover delay during OnlineUpgrading phase (#1728) Previously, the online upgrade process could trigger failover logic unnecessarily.

Version 1.19.0

Release date: Feb 14, 2023

Important announcements:

  • PostgreSQL version 10 is no longer supported as it has reached its EOL. Versions 11 and newer are supported. Please plan your migration to PostgreSQL 15 as soon as possible. Refer to "Importing Postgres databases" for more information on PostgreSQL major offline upgrades.


  • Backup from a standby: introduce the option accepting that when set to prefer-standby will run take the physical base backup from the most aligned replica (#1162)
  • Delayed failover: introduce the failoverDelay parameter to delay the failover process once the primary has been detected unhealthy (#1366)


  • Introduce support for Kubernetes' projected volumes (#1269)
  • Introduce support custom environment variables for finer control of the PostgreSQL server process (#1275)
  • Introduce the backup command in the cnpg plugin for kubectl to issue a new base backup of the cluster (#1348)
  • Improve support for the separate WAL volume feature by enabling users to move WAL files to a dedicated volume on an existing Postgres cluster (#1066)
  • Enhance WAL observability with additional metrics for the Prometheus exporter, including values equivalent to the min_wal_size, max_wal_size, keep_wal_size, wal_keep_segments, as well as the maximum number of WALs that can be stored in the dedicated volume (#1382)
  • Add a database comment on the streaming_replica user (#1349)
  • Document the firewall issues with webhooks on GKE (#1364)
  • Add note about postgresql.conf in recovery (#1211)
  • Add instructions on installing plugin using packages (#1357)
  • Specify Postgres versions supported by each minor release (#1355)
  • Clarify the meaning of PVC group in CloudNativePG (#1344)
  • Add an example of the DigitalOcean S3-compatible Spaces (#1289)
  • Update default PostgreSQL version for new cluster definitions to 15.2 (#1430)
  • Cover the Kubernetes layer in greater detail in the Architecture documentation (#1432)

Technical enhancements:

  • Added daily end-to-end smoke test for release branches (#1235)


  • Skip executing a CHECKPOINT as the streaming_replica user (#1408)
  • Make waitForWalArchiveWorking resilient to connection errors (#1399)
  • Ensure that the PVC roles are always consistent (#1380)
  • Permit walStorage resize when using pvcTemplate (#1315)
  • Ensure ExecCommand obeys timeout (#1242)
  • Avoid PodMonitor reconcile if Prometheus is not installed (#1238)
  • Avoid looking for PodMonitor when not needed (#1213)