CloudNativePG 1.17.0, 1.16.2 and 1.15.4 Released!

Gabriele Bartolini
September 4, 2022 • 1 minute
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The CloudNativePG Community has announced version 1.17.0, a new minor release of the CloudNativePG Operator, which introduces the possibility to create a new PostgreSQL cluster with a dedicated volume for Write-Ahead Log (WAL) files. Separating I/O workloads of database (PGDATA) and WAL files improves vertical scalability of PostgreSQL clusters, among the others.

In this version, a new command, destroy, has been added to the cnpg plugin for kubectl to help remove an instance and the associated persistent volume claims from an existing cluster.

Two new labels, and, are now managed by the operator on all persistent volume claims that belong to a cluster.

Some minor bugs have been fixed, in particular in the in-place operator upgrade process.

New patch releases are available for all the supported versions, including 1.16.2 and 1.15.4.

With the release of 1.17.0, the 1.15.x minor version will be end of life from 6 October, 2022.

We encourage you to update the operator at your earliest possible convenience.

For a complete list of changes, please refer to:

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