CloudNativePG 1.23.0, 1.22.3 and 1.21.5 Released!

Gabriele Bartolini
April 25, 2024 • 2 minutes
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The CloudNativePG Community is excited to announce the release of version 1.23.0 of the CloudNativePG Operator!

This release brings a host of new features and enhancements, including support for PostgreSQL image catalogs, synchronization of user-defined replication slots, and Pod Disruption Budget (PDB) configuration.

We’ve revised our Community support to enhance our focus and optimize resources. The supported versions will be the last minor, plus the previous minor, which will be supported for three months once the new minor is out. This is in effect adding two more months of support to the outgoing minor over what we used to have.

What’s New in 1.23

PostgreSQL Image Catalogs
Say goodbye to PostgreSQL version management headaches! With image catalogs based on major versions, managing your database fleet has never been easier. Simply request the PostgreSQL major version you need and control how your databases stay up-to-date. We’ve introduced two new resources (ClusterImageCatalog and ImageCatalog) and a new stanza (spec.imageCatalogRef), setting the stage for simpler management of default images. The Community will provide catalogs, and you could also use third-party ones, or even build your own.
Synchronization of User-Defined Replication Slots
Ensure seamless failover with extended physical replication slot synchronization, now covering persistence of user-defined slots after failover.
Pod Disruption Budget (PDB) Configuration
Customize PDB settings with the new .spec.enablePDB field. Disable PDBs on primary instances for single-instance deployments, ensuring smooth pod eviction during maintenance operations. This marks our first step towards deprecating the node maintenance window feature.

Upgrade and Maintenance

Before upgrading, carefully review the detailed instructions. New patch releases are now available for all supported versions, including 1.22.3 and 1.21.5.

We recommend upgrading to CloudNativePG 1.23.0 at your earliest convenience. Alternatively, update to the latest patch version within your current minor release.

End of Life Announcement

With the release of 1.23.0, the 1.21.x minor version will reach its end of life on May 24, 2024. Plan your upgrade to ensure continued support and security.

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## Release Notes

For a comprehensive list of changes and bug fixes, check out the release notes for:

Thank you for your ongoing support and engagement with CloudNativePG! Upgrade today and unlock the full potential of your PostgreSQL deployments.