Release notes for CloudNativePG 1.17

History of user-visible changes in the 1.17 minor release of CloudNativePG.

For a complete list of changes, please refer to the commits on the release branch in GitHub.

Version 1.17.2

Release date: Nov 10, 2022


  • Add SeccomProfile to Pods and Containers (#888)


  • status command for the cnpg plugin:
  • Clarify display for fenced clusters (#886)
  • Improve display for replica clusters (#871)
  • Documentation:
  • Improve monitoring page, providing instructions on how to evaluate the observability capabilities of CloudNativePG on a local system using Prometheus and Grafana (#968)
  • Add page on design reasons for custom controller (#918)
  • Set PostgreSQL 15.0 as the new default version (#821)


  • Import a database with plpgsql functions (#974)
  • Properly find the closest backup when doing Point-in-time recovery (#949)
  • Clarify that the ScheduledBackup format does not follow Kubernetes CronJob format (#883)
  • Bases the failover logic on the Postgres information from the instance manager, rather than Kubernetes pod readiness, which could be stale (#890)
  • Ensure we have a WAL to archive for every newly created cluster. The lack could prevent backups from working (#897)
  • Correct YAML key names for barmanObjectStore in documentation (#877)
  • Fix krew release (#866)

Version 1.17.1

Release date: Oct 6, 2022


  • Introduce leaseDuration and renewDeadline parameters in the controller manager to enhance configuration of the leader election in operator deployments (#759)
  • Improve the mechanism that checks that the backup object store is empty before archiving a WAL file for the first time: a new file called .check-empty-wal-archive is placed in the PGDATA immediately after the cluster is bootstrapped and it is then removed after the first WAL file is successfully archived


  • Explicitly set permissions of the instance manager binary that is copied in the distroless/static:nonroot container image, by using the nonroot:nonroot user (#754)


  • Drop any active connection on a standby after it is promoted to primary (#737)
  • Honor MAPPEDMETRIC and DURATION metric types conversion in the native Prometheus exporter (#765)
  • Ensure that timestamps that are specified with microsecond precision using the PostgreSQL format are correctly parsed (#741)

Version 1.17.0

Release date: Sep 6, 2022 (minor release)


  • Separate volume for WAL files: Support for separating Write Ahead Log (WAL) and database data files onto different disks, potentially leading to better performance on high write systems by easing I/O load on the data directory. This option is controlled with the introduction of the optional walStorage section to separate WAL files (pg_wal) in a dedicated volume, separate from the PGDATA defined in the main and mandatory storage section (#513). Current limitations: walStorage can only be set at cluster creation and cannot be added or removed when the cluster is up and running.


  • Enable configuration of low-level network TCP settings in the PgBouncer connection pooler implementation (#584)
  • Make sure that the and the labels are always present on pods and PVCs (#632 and #680)
  • Propagate the role label of an instance to the underlying PVC (#634)
  • Introduce the kubectl cnpg destroy command to help remove an instance and all the associated PVCs (#643)


  • Use shared_preload_libraries when bootstrapping the new cluster's primary (#642)
  • Prevent multiple in-place upgrade processes of the operator from running simultaneously by atomically checking whether another one is in progress (#655)
  • Avoid using a hardcoded file name to store the newly uploaded instance manager, preventing a possible race condition during online upgrades of the operator (#660)
  • Prevent a panic from happening when invoking GetAllAccessibleDatabases (#641)