End Users

CNCF defines end users as follows:

End users are organizations that use cloud native technologies internally and do not sell any cloud native services externally. This excludes vendors, consultancies, training partners, telcos.

Below is a list of CloudNativePG end users, in alphabetical order.

If you want to add your organization, please open up a pull request for the CloudNativePG website.


BigAnimal is a fully managed database-as-a-service with built-in Oracle compatibility, running in your cloud account and operated by the Postgres experts. BigAnimal makes it easy to set up, manage, and scale your databases. Provision PostgreSQL or EDB Postgres Advanced Server with Oracle compatibility.

For more information visit BigAnimal.


Shinkansen moves your money at the speed of the internet Our riels move money to your customers, suppliers, banks and traditionals rails (or networks) Our modern API’s free your engineers, makes cheaper the transaction cost, and automatize the clearing process. Our platform runs on the cloud using Postgres and CloudNativePG to scale clusters multizone and multiregion.

For more information visit Shinkansen.